Ground Station

As part of the Antarctic Broadband program, a satellite telementry and command Earth station has been established at the Australian National University Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Mt. Stromlo, outside Canberra, Australia.

This ground station will be used to support the Antarctic Broadband Demonstrator and Operational Missions and is also available for other small satellite operators to use.

An overview of the capabilities of the ground station is shown below:


  • Mt Stromlo, Australian Capital Territory
  • Latittude 35.3196 S;
  • Longitude 149.008 E

Uplink Details

  • Frequency: UHF at 435.000 MHz to 450.5 MHz
  • Modulation: Terminal Node Controller using UTIAS Space Flight Lab protocol – with option to expand to others
  • Power: Uplink is four M^2 long UHF yagis The transmitter is 250 watts OUTPUT so the EIRP is about 47 dBW. The yagi’s are 2 over 2, classic H frame.
  • Gain: 23 dBi

Downlink Details

  • Frequency: Government S-Band at 2200-2290 MHz. 437-438 MHz to be added in the near future.
  • Modulation: PSK and various forms of FSK and PM
  • Gain:34 dBiC